Our cervices is cryptocurrency consultant services, Blockchain, other technologies,... You find fascinating about what we’re doing and our products, you have great ideas and want to create your own world of blockchain, blockchain application development but have no clues where and how to start?
More than anyone, we understand how hard it is for a new player in the field, we are here for you to mine the experience and knowledge from our best experts. In this digital era, Time is bitcoin. If you’re looking for good advice in these following fields, come to us to shorten your preparation period to not waste your most valuable asset.

Cryptocurrency consultant services

You have some ideas of your own cryptocurrency, you already know which blockchain platform you want to build your currency on, yet maybe still find it blurry about some other aspects, like should it be minable or using any certain consensus mechanism? How to design nodes?... That’s why we’re here for you and bring to cryptocurrency consultant.

Blockchain consultant

Even if you are not interested in cryptocurrencies, only fascinated by applying blockchain on facilitating and operating your business, like in supply chain or IoT,... We are always available to Blockchain consultant you on how to build your own blockchain applications at the best customized level.

Other Technologies

Other than Blockchain and its applications, Techcom Blockchain also provides consultant services in one of the most important technologies of this century, which is the application of AI, specializing in the field of finance, bringing efficiency and peace of mind to the investors with our auto trading tool.

Legal consultant

How to legally form a Blockchain company? Our legal department definitely could help you relieve your concerns on these issues with our years of experience in overcoming legal procedure struggles internationally, since the Authorities were not as open to Blockchain as now.

Technologies We Work with

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