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Techcom Blockchain aims to become a leading blockchain technology research and development company in Vietnam, through research, strategic consulting and implementation of blockchain projects.

With the mission of providing the most optimal products and services on the blockchain technology platform, focusing on the best experience for customers, the highest satisfaction for partners, a full life for employees and sustainable development for investors.

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Welfare Policy

- Full social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance regimes according to regulations.
- Mode of filial piety: birthday, wedding, sickness, maternity,...
- Annual health check program.
- Teambuilding program 1 time/year.
- Annual domestic and international travel program.
- Reward, promotion... depending on the position.

Compensation policy

- The basic salary is competitive and attractive compared to the market.
- Evaluate annual salary increase for all employees.
- 100% commission paid when the transaction is successful.
- Quarterly and yearly business performance bonus for all employees.
- 13++ month salary bonus.
- Outstanding individual and team bonuses quarterly, annually or by project.

Policy on training and developing personnel

1. Internal training:
- Integration training for new employees.
- Periodic training in skills and expertise in work.
- Professional knowledge, market information shared by industry experts and the team of Directors.

2. Outside training:
- Soft skills training courses by leading experts according to departmental and phased recommendations.
- Professional training courses suitable for each position and employee capacity to stick with the company.
- The progression path is clearly established for each position.
- Prioritize the internal development of management positions.

Career opportunities

Content Writer

Position: Content Writer Staff - Marketing Department

Level: Junior

Quantity: 01

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